“ Established in 1958, 60 years of improvement and progress. ”


“ Your heart guides you to the future.”

Starting from the small, we root ourselves deep.

Aiming for excellency, we refine and improve constantly.

Always family-minded, we value cooperation and trust.

Costumer-oriented, we earn respect and faith.

Inspiration from a screw

Hoe Jean Enterprise always keeps in mind that a small screw is our baby step into a manufacturing industry. We endeavor to expand our business scale, diversify our products and hone the workmanship, all with our pursuit of perfection, our perseverance and challenges from our clients. Therefore, we have grown from making a screw to manufacturing components for bicycles, household appliances, industrial machinery and equipment, and those for automobiles. Now, we have embarked on another ambitious project to manufacture parts and components for aerospace industry. We will overcome challenges ahead with the same attitudes and spirits that have brought us so far.

Family-Oriented Values

HOEJEAN sees our company as a big family and each and everyone from stakeholders to employees are our most valuable assets, partners and family. HOEJEAN is also a school where new employees are given chance and resources to learn and practice not only professional kills and knowledge but also social interaction and relationships. We believe that healthy relations help shape our business culture and values internally, and externally help us establish strong links to our customers. Our country’s progress, environment protection, customer satisfaction, and employees’ benefits are always our priorities.