“ One is all ” Your needs will be met at at HOEJEAN with our integrated manufacturing service.


HOEJEAN is the best partner for customers looking for cost control and high quality standards in this competitive market.

We strive to shorten R&D process and put forward more competitive prices, while our technology and service could bring about successful partnership with our customers.

HOEJEAN provides package services from product development, production, assembly, packaging and transportation, saving our customers the trouble of sourcing, supplier management and cost reduction.

We provide the following services

● R&D development for auto parts localization

● Sample development and mass production for cold forging parts

● Special fasteners’ sample development and mass production

● All types of industrial parts development


“ Quality assurance and ever-lasting service.”

How to ensure quality?

In our pursuit of quality, we focus on employee training and management system improvement. Supreme quality can only be realized when we have qualified and quality-mined personnel and improved QMS.

What is ever-lasting service?

We build a sustainable enterprise and we make commitments to our customers. Our success only comes after we deliver our promise and service to them.

There are four core ideas that help shape our development plan and instruct us on how to achieve customer satisfaction--that is, quality, management, technology and service.


Advanced quality planning during development stage is crucial for supreme quality, and we are aware that deviations can be controlled and minimized through design stage. And well-thought and fully executed project management and control plan allow us maximize production control.

We pledge to meet your quality expectations from raw materials, production, inspection, packaging, delivery, to your requirements.

Dimension Inspection

Roundness and Concentricity Measurement

Roughness Measurement

Contour Measurement


Mechanical Test

Hardness Test

Metallographic/ Metal Flow Line Test

Thread Inspection

Plating Thickness Inspection

Salt Spray Test